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High Bay Clean Room Gallery


This photo was taken outside the door leading the area used to prepare to enter the clean room.

The sign reads


  • Largest laminar flow clean room in the free world (100 ft wide x 125 ft long x 90 ft high)
  • Class 10 clean room, called calss 10,000
  • Accommodates 2 full-size shuttle payloads simultaneously
  • Has a 25 ft x 40 ft access door
  • Has a laminar flow cleaning area
  • Has a clean room change room
  • Construction materials selected for minimum hydrocarbon out-gassing
  • Has 2 35 ton cranes (69 ft & 80 ft hook heights)
  • Will operate 50 years without HEPA filter changeout
  • Has a software operated mechanical control system
  • Has a perforated return air grille
  • Has a "redundant roof"

Time picture taken Wed Jun 27 14:00:58 2007
Location picture taken Various Working Areas
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD
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