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An overall cut-away view of the turbine.

Near the upper right is the circular hot gas manifold; gas from the gas generator enters via the turbine inlet, entering the hot gas manifold.

The hot gas flows through the first-stage nozzle (the tapered outlet at the bottom of the manifold) and engages the first-stage (top) turbine wheel. Note that the turbine wheel in the link above is positioned upside-down; close examination of this cut-away photo shows that the blades are tapered, being wider at the bottom.

Not visible between the first- and second-stage turbine wheels is the second-stage nozzle. The second-stage turbine wheel is at the bottom.

The first-stage wheel is bolted to the shaft (although none of the bolts are visible). Close inspection of the first-stage wheel (above the "H"-shaped spacer between the two turbine wheels) reveals one of the bolts connecting the turbine wheels.

Time picture taken Thu Jul 19 10:01:02 2012
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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