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View of the outer-dome attach bolt holes and the index holes.

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There are 64 outer-dome attach bolt holes, to accommodate the bolts which bolt LOX dome and injector to the thrust chamber. There are also two index holes, located 180 degrees apart, to ensure that the LOX dome, injector, and thrust chamber are properly aligned.

Although one of the index pins is round and the other is diamond-shaped, the corresponding holes, seen here between two of the regularly-spaced holes, are of a slightly different diameter.

Note that this particular index hole is relatively small, perhaps slightly larger than the outer-dome attach bolt holes.

Also note the white, Teflon-filled Flexitallic gasket, used to seal the LOX dome to the injector.

Index holes on F-1 Engine Injector at Destination Moon
Time picture taken Thu Aug 23 10:45:44 2018
Location picture taken Boeing Hall
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO
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