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The sign accompanying the spacecraft. It reads

Apollo 11 Command Module, Columbia

Columbia was the only part of the Apollo 11 spacecraft to return intact to Earth. It carried the crew, equipment, and precious lunar samples through a fiery reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Following Columbia's triumphant 50-state tour in 1970, during which it was seen by more than 3 million Americans, NASA transferred it to the Smithsonian for preservation and display.

Height 10 ft. 7 in. (3.2 m)
Diameter 12 ft. 10 in. (3.9 m)
Weight 11,700 pounds (5,307 kg) at splashdown
Primary Material Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium
Manufacturer North American Rockwell, Downey, California

Transferred from NASA

Sign accompanying Apollo 11 at Destination Moon
Time picture taken Thu Aug 23 12:27:20 2018
Location picture taken Boeing Hall
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO
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