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One of the signs displayed with the suit. The sign reads


The SK-1 was the latest in a long line of suits built by Zvezda ("star"), the Soviet Union's leading maker of aircraft pressure suits and ejection seats. The firm built its first pressure suit in 1952-53. Zvezda products orbited Earth before Gagarin's flight. The dogs Belka and Strelka rode in a Zvezda-built container during the second unmanned Vostok test flight in August 1960, and Sk-1 suits containing dummies flew two unmanned Vostok flights in March 1961.

Over the course of six Vostok flights that carried cosmonauts, Zvezda continuously improved the SK-1. In 1963, the firm modified an SK-1 for Vostok 6 cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. Her suit, designated Sk-2, featured narrow shoulders, glove improvements, and other changes.

Sign accompanying Vostok (SK-1) Suit at Vostok (SK-1) Suit
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