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The only ID plate still present on the engine (the partial ID plate to the left is presumably the remains of the "master" ID plate which would bear the engine's serial number).

One edge of the ID plate was curled up, preventing the first several characters from being read. I had other business at the Cosmosphere, and while discussing the engine with my host, I mentioned the curled-up ID plate. He went and got a ladder so he could uncurl the edge of the plate, allowing a better shot of the ID plate.

The ID plate reads

Rocket Engine Component

Part Name: Thrust Chamber   Unit I
Part No.: 208I02-[unintelligible]
Contract No.: 8488
Assembly Date: [blank]
Lot No.: [blank]
Serial No.: [unintelligible, although ending with]130
Spec No.: [blank]
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]


A Division of North American Aviation

ID plate on F-1 Engine at Kansas Cosmosphere
Time picture taken Fri Dec 6 15:50:20 2013
Location picture taken Outside South Side of Museum
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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