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The sign accompanying the engine. It reads

Redstone A-7 Rocket Engine

Rocketdyne built the Redstone A-7 engine. The A-7 was a scaled-up version of the German V-2 missile's A-4 engine. Like the A-4 engine, the A-7 relied on three fluids for operation: hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and liquid oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide was chemically broken down to make hot steam that drove a turbopump with a normal speed of 4800 rotations per minute. The turbopump pushed alcohol fuel and frigid liquid oxygen into the bell-shaped A-7 thrust chamber, where they ignited to produce 78,000 pounds of thrust. Heat-resistant graphite vanes protruding into the flame plume helped steer the rocket.

Sign by the A-7 Engine at Kansas Cosmosphere
Time picture taken Sat Dec 7 12:14:30 2013
Location picture taken The Blockhouse Gallery
Hall of Space
Kansas Cosmosphere
Hutchinson, KS
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