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A sign at the USS Maine Memorial. It reads

The Mast of The U.S.S. Maine

The United States Battleship MAINE exploded and sank in Havana Harbor, Cuba, on February 15, 1898. The rallying cry "Remember the MAINE" swept the nation inciting public opinion and precipitating the Spanish-American War. In March 1915, 229 victims of the explosion were reinterred from Cuba and buried here in Section 24. The Secretary of the War, by Act of Congress, was authorized and directed to remove the Mast of the USS MAINE and place it upon a foundation at Arlington National Cemetery. The Memorial was dedicated on February 15, 1915, the 17th anniversary of the sinking of the vessel. The names of the victims of the explosion are inscribed on the foundation of the monument.

Sign by the USS Maine Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery
Time picture taken Thu Jun 21 15:39:00 2007
Location picture taken Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA
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