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455th Bombardment Group Memorial

A 455th Bombardment Group memorial. It reads

In Memory
455th Bombardment Group (Heavy)
San Giovanni Airfield, Italy
1943 - 1945

"Vulgar Vultures"
Fifteenth Air Force
304th Wing

This oak tree, planted April, 1996, is in living memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in the skies over Europe during World War II to preserve our freedoms.

This marker is dedicated to honor all who served.

Group Combat Missions: 255
Distinguished Unit Citations: Two
Battle Campaigns: Ten
Squadrons: 740th, 741st, 742nd, and 743rd

Dedicated 1996

455th Bombardment Group Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery
Time picture taken Fri Jun 24 12:27:26 2011
File name dsc78086.jpg
Location picture taken Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA
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