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Apollo A6L Lunar Overboots Gallery


One display consisted of a pair of Apollo A7L EVA gloves and two slightly different A6L boots.

The accompanying sign reads

Working on the Moon

Gloves and Boots

Once on the lunar surface, the Apollo 11 astronauts set about collecting rock samples for scientific study. This required spacesuits, gloves, and boots that allowed astronauts to work with their hands and traverse the lunar surface. These Apollo A7L Extravehicular Activity (EVA) spacesuit gloves were used in training for the lunar missions. They had the same protections against temperature and radiation from earlier spacesuits and added silicone-rubber fingertips and an outer layer of Chromel-R, stainless steel fabric, to protect against sharp rocks on the lunar surface.

These Lunar Overshoes were early prototypes of boots for the Apollo lunar missions. The Lunar Overshoes needed to be abrasion and puncture resistant and provide traction while walking in the loose lunar dust. The silicone-rubber sole, the same as the glove fingertips, protected from punctures, and the wide bar tread on the sole provided traction in the loose lunar dust. Like the A7L EVA gloves, astronauts wore the boots only for trips out to the lunar surface. The final design of the boots incorporated easier-to-handle straps and a layer of Chromel-R.

Display case with Apollo A6L Lunar Overboots and Apollo A7L EVA gloves at Apollo:  When We Went to the Moon
Time picture taken Wed Nov 6 13:03:44 2019
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Space Hall
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U.S. Space & Rocket Center
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