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The H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) fill and drain valve.

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A hose from the hydrogen peroxide servicing truck would attach here to fill the 76-gallon hydrogen peroxide tank on the engine. Another hose would attach to the hydrogen peroxide overflow and vent port, located on the end frame next to the steam vent, and connect to the truck's H2O2 overflow tank (basically an enclosed bucket).

Overflow hydrogen peroxide was diluted and discarded, due to the possibility of contamination; 75% hydrogen peroxide required special handling procedures (personnel who handled hydrogen peroxide wore protective clothing consisting of boots, flame-proof coveralls, a face shield, and gloves) and any contamination would make the peroxide dangerous to handle.

hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) fill and drain valve on the Redstone Tail Unit at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Mon Aug 5 11:48:38 2013
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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