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Components in the interior of the instrument compartment.

This component is at the top of the right-most vertical row. The label above this subcompartment reads, in part, "Range", and an ID plate identifies it as the range guidance computer.

The label at the top of the lid instructs the technician to "↑ Mount in Flight Direction".

The paper label at left is mostly unintelligible, but the metal ID plate and markings below it read

Range Guidance Computer
Main Assy Dwg No. [unintelligible] Ser No. & Mod
Mounting Dwg No. [unintelligible] [unintelligible]
Contract No. [unintelligible] Ford Unit No. [unintelligible]
Ford Instrument Co. Div. of Sperry Rand Corp.
Inspected [blank] Weight (lb) [blank]

Wt. (lb) 54.90
E.O. 2021 Incorporated
Revision F

range guidance computer in instrument compartment in Redstone Aft Unit at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Sun May 18 12:23:30 2014
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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