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Components in the interior of the instrument compartment.

This component is at the bottom of the left-most vertical row. The label above this subcompartment identifies it as the "Program Device", as does an ID plate clearly mounted on the box's cover.

At upper left is a mechanical, odometer-style counter which indicates 27.7 hours (presumably of operation for the component?). The label under the counter instructs the technician to "↑ Mount in Flight Direction".

The four large electrical connectors at the center are marked in a round-about scheme:

J6701     J6704
J6703     J6702

The ID plate below the electrical connectors is mostly legible and appears to read

Program Device
Main Assy Dwg No. 6084796 Ser No. & Mod
Mounting Dwg No. G064797 SFUGL00 -4
Contract No. DA 20 018 ORD 14800 Ford Unit No. 476
Ford Instrument Co. Div. of Sperry Rand Corp.
Inspected [blank] Weight (lb) [blank]

Modified in Accord with
E.O. CM2042-1 & CM2136-1

Knowing that the Redstone was manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation, I initially got concerned when I read the "Ford Unit No.", but then found out that the Ford Instrument Co. was a division of the Sperry Rand Corporation.

Program device in instrument compartment in Redstone Aft Unit at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Sun May 18 12:21:54 2014
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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