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The ID plate on one of the air vane actuator.

Only partially legible, it appears to read

[unintelligible, but perhaps "Electro-"]Mechanical Rotary Actuator
Main Assy Dwg No. [unintelligible] Ser No. & Mod
Mounting Dwg No. [unintelligible]80996 UG 411-[unintelligible]
Contract No. DA 20018 ORD 14800 Ford Unit No. 6400
Ford Instrument Co. Div. of Sperry Rand Corp.
Inspected [blank] Weight (lb) [blank]

Air vane actuator in Redstone Aft Unit interior at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Mon Aug 5 10:31:44 2013
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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