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An overview of the exhibit.

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This photo shows the middle of the overall exhibit.

Partially visible at right is an display featuring moon walk newspapers and a small-town electronics store featuring televisions with the moon walk and space-related programming (facing the newspaper machines).

This leads to a larger area with a large number of models and artifacts, including large-scale Saturn V and Apollo spacecraft models. The wall at the bottom of the photo blocks the view of the lab coat, hard hat, and access badge of a North American Rockwell employee and some Saturn V launcher accessories.

Clockwise from left are the Apollo 11 hand casts (just visible to the right of the column); a case containing Apollo A7L EVA gloves and Apollo A6L lunar overboots; a case containing various Apollo suit helmet parts, including an Apollo A7L/A7LB lunar extravehicular visor assembly (LEVA) sun visor, Apollo A7L/A7LB pressure helmet assembly ("bubble helmet"), and Apollo A7L/A7LB LEVA; an Apollo A7L space suit; a lunar meteorite (blocked by the Saturn V model); a group of lunar module artifacts including a landing gear strut, lunar surface sensing probe, window protector, and thrust and translation controller assembly.

Leaving this larger area, the visitor would see a Soyuz trainer used during the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (the green sphere above the LM display). The area blocked by the wall by the newspaper machine display and off-frame right displays a command module lithium hydroxide canister; a full-scale, climb-on lunar roving vehicle (LRV) model; and an LRV tool rack.

The exhibit also includes many smaller models and a few other minor artifacts which I did not photograph.

1:10 Saturn V model, Apollo 11 hand casts, Apollo A7L EVA gloves, Apollo A6L lunar overboots, Apollo A7L/A7LB LEVA sun visor, Apollo A7L/A7LB pressure helmet assembly/bubble helmet, Apollo A7L/A7LB lunar extravehicular visor assembly, large-scale Apollo command module model, and lunar module (LM) landing strut in the Apollo:  When We Went to the Moon exhibit
Time picture taken Wed Nov 6 12:18:34 2019
Location picture taken West Administrative Area Catwalk
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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