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An overview of the exhibit.

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The exhibit entrance is out of frame at lower left.

Just visible at lower left is the Sputnik model. Out of frame at lower left is the Jupiter nose cone, followed by the Juno high-speed stages model.

Turning the corner takes one past the wood-panelled office display with a desk containing the von Braun engineering tools.

After making a 180° turn, the visitor can see the Vostok (SK-1) suit, Mercury spacecraft model, and 1960s social unrest display (the curved wall below the Mercury spacecraft model).

The next area takes one past a display featuring moon walk newspapers and a small-town electronics store featuring televisions with the moon walk and space-related programming (facing the newspaper machines).

This leads to a larger area with a large number of models and artifacts, including the large-scale Saturn V partially visible at left and other artifacts displayed out-of-frame left. This photo also shows a group of lunar module artifacts including a landing gear strut, lunar surface sensing probe, window protector, and thrust and translation controller assembly.

Leaving this larger area, the visitor can see a Soyuz trainer used during the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (the green sphere above the LM display). The area blocked by the wall by the newspaper machine display and Mercury spacecraft model displays a command module lithium hydroxide canister; a full-scale, climb-on lunar roving vehicle (LRV) model; and an LRV tool rack.

The exhibit also includes many smaller models and a few other minor artifacts which I did not photograph.

1:10 Saturn V model, lunar module (LM) landing strut, Mercury spacecraft mockup, and Juno high speed stages in the Apollo:  When We Went to the Moon exhibit
Time picture taken Wed Nov 6 12:17:40 2019
Location picture taken West Administrative Area Catwalk
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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